About Us

1CARE Global is regarded as “Next Generation After Sales Service Provider” in damage assessment, service repair management, break fixes and call center solution services in Asia Pacific. 1CARE Global is different and stands out as the company that delivers more value and comprehensive service plans to consumers and commercial customers. Our value initiative reaches beyond the transaction. We focus in a core group of selected partners, allowing us to provide higher service standards.

1CARE Global provide solutions that fit the smallest commercial buyers to the largest global organizations. Not only do we have the breadth and depth of products but we have the staff with experience in developing those solutions. From after sales services in damage assessment, warranty service repair management, call center solution services and specialized in financial programs, 1CARE Global covers the spectrum with products and market access to meet every need.

We are committed to provide exceptional owners service! We continue to deliver quality after sales services through multiple comprehensive ways of support services to provide optimal owners experience. Your satisfaction is our goal. With our robust online service web portal, hotline and alliance collection and service center coverage, our customers enjoy a piece of mind and total protection of the valuable asset.

Why Sign Up for 1CARE Global Service Plans?

  • No excess fee!
  • Worldwide Coverage wherever you are.
  • Comprehensive Service Plans at low cost.
  • Protect your valuable assets from as low as 20 cents a day.
  • Supported and Service by manufacturers or reputable repair centres regionally. Immediate coverage upon registration.
  • Get your product covered as long as product is not more than 12 months old from purchase date.
  • Option to upgrade service plans at special price. Look out for our online offers!
  • We connect to an encrypted and secure website for peace of mind.