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1CARE Global Toll-Free Numbers   

  • AustraliaToll Free
    • Smart Care: 1800 303971
  • Hong Kong Toll Free
    • Smart Care: 8009 03184
  • Indonesia Toll Free
    • Smart Care: 0078 030110800 / 0018 038529337
  • MalaysiaToll Free
    • Smart Care: 1800 681320
  • New Zealand Toll Free
    • Smart Care: 0800 452697
  • Philippine Toll Free
    • Smart Care:  1800 18550158 * Consumers should use fixed line to make the call out.
  • Singapore Toll Free
    • Smart Care: 1800 3190765
  • Taiwan Toll Free
    • Smart Care: 0080 1136365
  • Vietnam
    • Due to international toll free restriction imposed, please kindly submit any service repair request to us, via email at
  • China Toll Free
    • 10800 852 1270 - Accessible only through China Unicom's domestic Fixed/Mobile network nationwide in Northern China. Meant for those located in Northern China.
    • 10800 152 1270 - Accessible only through China Telecom's domestic Fixed network nationwide in Southern China. Meant for those located in Southern China.
    • 400120 1455 - Accessible from "all" FIX and CHINA TELECOM MOBILE for Whole China. * Consumers should have IDD enable to their fixed and mobile phones. * Consumers are encouraged to use fixed line to make the call out.

To submit any service repair or to seek clarification related to any service repair, please call our 1CARE Global Customer Toll-Free Hotline. Our service agents will advise you accordingly.

Alternatively you can e-mail your queries to us at:

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