1. What does the 1CARE Global Premium Smart Care Service Contract cover?
  2. Apart from Damages from Electrical and or Mechanical due to Accidental Causes, what else does Premium Smart Care provide?
  3. What is this on site Specialist Visit?
  4. Apart from the 1time visit by your Specialist, Premium Smart Care also comes with 12 months Telephony Technical Support. What does this support provide?
  5. Can I purchase 1 CARE Global Service Contract after purchasing my Product?
  6. Is Premium Smart Care available to foreigners?
  7. Is 1CARE Global Premium Smart Care Service Plan transferable?
  8. When does Premium Smart Care Service Contract begin and expire?
  9. Can I extend my 1CARE Global Premium Smart Care Service Contract period?
  10. Do I need to activate my 1CARE Global Membership?
  11. How do I know if my Premium Smart Care is activated?
  12. What if I did not register or have forgotten to register for my Premium Smart Care?
  13. What is my 1CARE Global Premium Smart Care Membership Number?
  14. Where can I locate my 1CARE Global Premium Smart Care Membership Number?
  15. I tried to register my 1CARE Global Premium Smart Care Membership via online, but it didn't work. What happened?
  16. What happens if my 1CARE Global Membership Card is lost?
  17. Should I inform 1CARE Global if I change my contact information?
  18. How and where do I file a Service Repair?
  19. What are the documents that I need to provide to 1CARE Global to log in a Service Repair for Premium Smart Care?
  20. Are there any fees or additional charges when I file for a Service Repair?
  21. Can I send the damaged Product to my own repair centre to have the repair done and reimburse the fees from 1CARE Global?
  22. How long does the Service Repair process take?
  23. Do I need to surrender my standard accessories that came together with the initial purchase of my Product?
  24. Am I allowed to make more than one Service Repair?
  25. Can I get a refund if I opt for early cancelation for my Premium Smart Care Service Plan?
  26. Does 1CARE Global extend the Service Contract to the software and data installed in my registered Product?
  27. How can I contact 1CARE Global Premium Smart Care Toll Free hotline?
Disclaimer: These questions and answers are necessarily general in content and intended to give an overview of certain aspects of the coverage and benefits a consumer can enjoy. It should not be relied on as the contract and so no liability is attached to it. Consumers should refer to their respective policy wordings to have a better understanding of their product coverage.

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