Smart Care Redemption (Applicable only for Australia and NZ)

Smart Care is your essential add-on coverage to your existing manufacturer's warranty.

Why is the Smart Care Service Plan an important coverage to have?

  • Notebooks are subjected to our daily rough and tumble world of mobile computing
  • A notebook at home, school or in the office can still be damaged by spills or simply by it being knocked off a desk

Enjoy essential add-on coverage for your notebooks against unexpected accidental damage.

  • Smart Care covers the consumer product in the event of liquid or accidental damage.
  • Smart Care provides repair or replacement. Plus, in the event if the product is beyondrepair or when the repair cost exceeds the original purchase price, a new replacement will be provided.

Why Sign Up for 1CARE Global Service Plans?

  • No excess fee!
  • Worldwide Coverage wherever you are.
  • Comprehensive Service Plans at low cost.
  • Protect your valuable assets from as low as 20 cents a day.
  • Supported and Service by manufacturers or reputable repair centres regionally. Immediate coverage upon registration.
  • Get your product covered as long as product is not more than 12 months old from purchase date.
  • Option to upgrade service plans at special price. Look out for our online offers!
  • We connect to an encrypted and secure website for peace of mind.